Together, we can

humanely prevent the overpopulation of cats

What we do

Our mission priority is caring for our community cats through our TNR program, but it doesn't end there. Through community outreach, education, and networking with other rescue and shelter organizations, we find and assist people with both their stray and feral colonies they care for as well as providing support for families and their pets.


Through TNR and Family Pet Support we work towards preventing unintended litters and increasing pet retention by assisting families find the resources to care for their animals.


Getting community members, businesses, and organizations involved in helping to solve the problems behind cat overpopulation through humane and supportive means.


By changing the stigma behind community cats and the people who care for them we can foster an environment of support and encourage others to reach out for help.


By creating partnerships with other animal welfare organizations and promoting their services to the community, we create a better support network for health and happiness for strays and pets alike.

Our Impact

Our team members have worked on improving the lives of over 1,000 cats and the people who care for them.

Through the effective practice of humanely trapping, fixing, vaccinating, and returning our community cats, we continue to create healthy cat colonies and reduce the number of unintended litters. By helping the people who care for these community cats we offer piece of mind that their kitties will be happier and healthier, and that they will have a sense of stability and control again to care for their colony and themselves. 

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