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There are a variety of ways you can help support our community cats and provide help and assistance for their caretakers.


TNR is a mission of many parts from identifying areas that need help and performing site assessments to determine the resources that would be required to assist the local cat population there, to the actual trapping of the cats to go to the clinic. A successful TNR mission requires a lot of planning and hands-on work for it to be a success. If you love fieldwork, this is where a lot of the magic happens.


Identifying areas in need of TNR assistance is very important. Many people end up with out-of-control cat colonies because they don’t know help is out there. Working with other community organizations, law enforcement, and social services, we can be proactive in finding people that need our assistance. This is a great opportunity for people with compassion and empathy to help people within our communities. 


Education is an essential part of our mission and covers many topics ranging from community cat care, what to do if you find kittens, dispelling myths about cats, and making people aware of programs and resources to help take care of their pets. If you enjoy learning more about animal welfare and teaching others about these topics, this may be for you!

Social Media

So much of what we do gets shared on various social media platforms including TNR stories, rescue missions, special events, educational stories, and more. Social media is also an essential tool for fundraising. We need talented people to create creative media and know how to effectively grow an online audience. 


There is a wide variety of media that are beneficial to any organization. From photography to videography to help tell stories, writing press releases, graphic design for printed products including sellable merchandise, web design, and more! If you’ve got that creative touch in one or more media skills, you’d be a great asset to the team!

General Tasks

There are plenty of tasks that need to happen which require hands-on help. Rescue is a messy business sometimes! There are traps, carriers, and cages that need cleaning after a mission, and there can be sick or injured cats that will remain in our care for some time for recovery which will require fresh food and water and litter box care. General assistance is needed to set up for events, and transporters will be required to get cats to and from their appointments. There are countless other small things you can do to help!

TNR Patrol Volunteer Application