About us

Who we are

We are a team of dedicated animal welfare advocates that champions the prevention of cat overpopulation through Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) missions of community cats while promoting services to assist pet owners with spaying and neutering pets.

Through community outreach and education, we strive to work with community members, organizations, businesses, and officials to identify areas in need of assistance with TNR services, as well as people with limited resources to help them care for their colonies and family pets by connecting them with other animal welfare services and resources.

We also aim to change the stigma surrounding cat colonies and their caretakers and invite the community to work together to solve what is a community problem.

Our approach

Our Mission
TNR Patrol, Inc. will provide services throughout Pulaski County, Missouri for people who require assistance with stray and feral cat colonies.

We will perform the trapping, neutering, and returning of stray and feral cats. This proven, safe, and effective method creates healthier colonies, improves neighborhood relations, and prevents unintended litters. TNR Patrol will also provide rescue services for cats with serious medical issues and injuries requiring immediate assistance. We will work towards curbing the overpopulation of community cats within our county and surrounding areas through community outreach, education, and compassionate assistance for people with limited resources.

Our Vision
Through compassionate care for animals and people alike, we strive to create better communities for people and the cats that live amongst them.

It is through no fault of their own that community cats are out there. Whether born feral or abandoned by people with disregard for their well-being, or due to an inability to properly care for them, these poor animals don’t deserve the treatment they receive from many. Through networking with area animal welfare organizations to connect people with the help that is out there and working towards fixing the cats that have no true home, we can prevent unintended litters both inside and out. This will lessen the burden on shelters that have limited space and resources to manage the continuous calls for help with kittens throughout the year while also encouraging pet retention instead of abandonment or surrendering. 

Louis Colasanti

Founder and President